Learn To Code

The Coding Boot Camp at UNC Charlotte equips students with the core skills needed for full-stack web development through immersive virtual classes.


The Coding Boot Camp at UNC Charlotte equips students with the core skills needed for full-stack web development through immersive virtual classes.
Learn To Code

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics Boot Camp at UNC Charlotte prepares individuals with the specialized skills necessary to land a job in the booming field of data analytics.
Learn Data Analytics


The Cybersecurity Boot Camp at UNC Charlotte gives students hands-on training in networking, systems, defensive and offensive cybersecurity, and more.
Learn Cybersecurity


The FinTech Boot Camp at UNC Charlotte trains students in the cutting-edge tools and technologies associated with the modern financial services sector.
Learn FinTech

UNC Charlotte Boot Camps combine a virtual classroom experience with dynamic curricula taught by experienced instructors. With extensive student support and a wide array of resources, we provide an education that will help you find a path to success.

UNC Charlotte Certificate of Completion Overview

  • Our classes teach the latest market skills* for the fields of coding, data analytics, cybersecurity, or fintech.
  • Our students receive access to UNC Charlotte Boot Camps’ in-depth career planning assistance.
  • Students benefit from a wide list of support services to help them navigate the program.
  • Students build a portfolio of projects in our coding, data, and fintech programs and learn skills applicable to certifications in our cybersecurity course to demonstrate their skills.
  • All of our programs offer convenient part-time schedules for students who wish to stay at their current job while learning valuable new skills at night, which is great for working adults.
  • Our web development class also offers a full-time option for individuals who want to acquire these skills in a shorter time period.

*The material covered in these courses is subject to change due to market demand.

Coding Class Curriculum Languages

The coding classes at UNC Charlotte Boot Camps cover several programming languages. In our web development classes, you’ll be exposed to robust tutorials with the latest technologies, and will learn popular programming languages such as:

  • Front-End Web Design

  • HTML 5 Web Design

  • Node.Js Programming

  • Javascript Programming

  • MERN Stack Coding

  • C# Programming

  • Object-Oriented Coding

These programs are offered through UNC Charlotte School of Professional Studies, in partnership with Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, Inc. brand.

About Trilogy Education Services
Trilogy Education is a workforce accelerator that empowers the world’s leading universities to prepare professionals for high-growth careers in the digital economy. Thousands of people around the globe have completed Trilogy-powered programs, and more than 2,000 companies—including 50% of the Fortune 100—employ them.

  • A comprehensive set of new hard and soft skills to help you stand out in the job market.
  • A Certificate of Completion in Coding: Full Stack Web Development, Data Analytics and Visualization, Cybersecurity, or FinTech from UNC Charlotte School of Professional Studies that showcases your accomplishment.
  • A robust portfolio of projects or a variety of skills applicable to certifications to show your mastery of the topics covered throughout the program.

Learn more about the student experience at UNC Charlotte Boot Camps by visiting our reviews and testimonials page.

What Graduates Receive UNC Charlotte Boot Camps

What You Will Learn

  • Whether you choose to dive into our full-stack web development, data analytics, cybersecurity, or fintech program, you will create a solid foundation of skills to help join or advance in these industries.
  • Students will gain real-world knowledge by taking part in experiential learning opportunities.
  • Our programs provide career-planning assistance that includes mock interviews, portfolio or homework reviews, resume support, soft-skills training, and more to help equip you for success during the job search.

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